Why go plastic-free? Plastic is cheap to make, we use a lot of it, the production process uses large amounts of water and energy, and making plastic contributes to climate change. The waste from single-use plastic is polluting our domestic waterways and oceans. It's harmful to the animals who live in them, and to the ecosystems they support, and this includes us. Soseas was founded to help people who want to reduce plastic waste—particularly single-use plastic—and its harmful effects on the environment.

Our Mission

In raising awareness of the effects of our over-dependence on plastic and the single-use lifestyle, and by offering alternatives, information and advice, our goal is simple; reduce plastic waste.

your plastic-free journey
begins today

This plastic-free July, we're inviting you to join us in reducing plastic waste by:

  • ditching single-use plastic

  • avoiding plastic everywhere else as much as possible

  • becoming a part of our community

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Ready? Let's get started!

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